"The  Grafton Historical Society was organized on August 2, 1962 to keep alive the memory of sturdy men and women who turned a wilderness into a heritage of which the people of Grafton are proud and to pass on the knowledge of that heritage to succeeding generations."                      
                                                                                                                                                                             Helen Pettengill                           

Grafton, Vermont has six cemeteries.  The Burgess Cemetary was established in 1790 as a family graveyard. It is located off route 35 onto a dirt road marked Burgess Cemetary.  The Cobb Cemetary first burial was in 1796 and there are currently over 45 graves. It is located off the Stagecoach Road onto Cobb Cemetary Road. The Houghtonville Cemetary first burial was in 1846, but the land was not given to the town for a cemetary until 1854.  it is located off route 121 west onto Cabell Road.   The Middletown Cemetary was established in 1785 when the town voted to set this site aside as a cemetary after Grafton's first death, 16 year old, Asa Fisher, Jr. It is located on Middletown Road, turn onto Cemetary Road. The Stiles Cemetary was originally a family graveyard and holds 18 graves.  It is only accessible by foot off of Stiles Brook Road.  The Village Cemetary has many Civil War graves located there.  Henry Spring was 15 years old when he died as a result of the conflict.  It is located on the right near the beginning of Middletown Road. 

Burgess Cemetery

Building the stone wall