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"One of the finest Small Museums in the State of Vermont"
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Publications And Donations
Please click on the link below to purchase from our on-line store or to donate to our museum and/or The Brick Meeting House.


         The Messenger Boy of Grafton, Vermont

                                           By Thomas E. Fontaine


                                           134 pages

                                           $14.95  softcover

"The Messenger Boy of Grafton, Vermont", a view of the Civil War through the eyes of a young Vermont teenager.  Written by teacher, Thomas E. Fontaine, the book is for grade six level readers and above.  Not only is it an interesting read, but it is also a history lesson: filled with facts, vocabulary, and information about real life events and soldiers who fought in the Civil War.  The book also includes many photographs from the Grafton Historical Society archives.

     The Grafton Cavaliers

                                        By Thomas E. Fontaine


                                        140 pages

                                        $16.95  softcover

"The Grafton Cavaliers" is based on the adventures of two Grafton young men.  Samuel B. Pettengill and Wilder Luke Burnap, who volunteered for a cavalry unit in June, 1862, for three months.  It was to become the Union Army's only cavalry unit composed of all college students, and thus was known as the "College Cavaliers."  The unit included students from Dartmouth, Amherst, Williams, Union, Bowdoin, Middlebury, and Norwich Colleges.

The book is written for the sixth grade level reader and attempts to relate the early events of the Civil War for a child's level of understanding. 



Five Dollars and a Jug of Rum
The History of Grafton, Vermont


224 pages
$15.00 softcover

Winner of the "Excellence in Publishing Award" from the American Association of State and Local Historical Societies.
Vermont Life magazine called it a "triumph" and "a lively book, filled with interesting anecdotes.... Unlike many town histories [it] is a graphic delight, with easy to read text and many illustrations and photographs."

The John Barrett Store 1816 - 1830 
20-page booklet


Grafton was a bustling center of commerce in southern Vermont during the early 1800s.  The Barrett Store had 862 customer accounts during this period, 322 of them coming from surrounding communities.  The names of these customers are listed in the booklet.


Innkeeping In Grafton 100 Years Ago              
20-page booklet

The story of Grafton's Old Tavern, now celebrating its 200th anniversary, during the 1860's.  Guests included Ulysses S. Grant, campaigning for his first term as President, and Artemus Ward, Down East humorist and lecturer.




The Grafton Cornet Band
1867 - 1992
20-page booklet

Twenty-five photographs enliven this booklet, which describes the history of Vermont's oldest continuously performing band.


The Life of a Vermont
Farmer and Lumberman:                                  
The Diaries of Henry A. Thompson
of Grafton and Saxtons River
54-page booklet

Thompson began his diary keeping in 1864 as a lad of seventeen and continued for 69 years.  This booklet gives a unique account of life in Grafton during the second half of the 19th century. 



Releasing Rebecca
An Exploration of Life, Death and 
Gravestone Art in Early Vermont 
8-page booklet

A fact-based fictionalized account of Rebecca Park's life and death.  The well-known gravestone by master carver Moses Wright, Jr. remembers Rebecca and her fourteen children who lie with her in one of Grafton's oldest cemeteries.




The Grafton Quilt Coloring Book                    
49 pages — 8 1/2 x 11 size

The drawings in this book are based on the forty-nine quilt blocks created by Grafton women to commemorate Grafton and Vermont's Bicentennial in 1991. The drawings are simple, charming, and encourage creativity.



Grafton's Founding Century

12-page booklet


A description of the major forces at work in what is now southern Vermont roughly 250 years ago.  As you read it, let your mind journey backward to a time when our forebears struggled to exist on the edge of the wilderness.



Daisy Turner's Kin by Jane C. Beck 


295 pages   6" X 9.25" size



An African American Family Saga

 * Please note mailing costs will apply to publication orders.